why i run

Why I run.

I’m writing this post today because I was invited to participate in an AMAZING campaign from the Sketchers Performance Division, who is proudly supporting the American Cancer Society in the fight against breast cancer with a special collection of products.

It’s projects like these that make me happy and proud to be a member of the online fitness community! This post includes a personal disclosure about my motivation to run, details about this special campaign and the cool products they have created for it.

So…why do I run?

As a runner for the past 15 years, I often stop to wonder why I do it. My friends and family don’t ask, they just know “Teresa is a marathon runner” and nobody questions it. But for me, it’s actually an interesting story…

Why I run

My relationship with running started kind of late in my life, my early twenties and is one of my more interesting “love stories.” It’s full of highs, like finally qualifying for the Boston Marathon on my 8th go at 26.2! The joy of crossing a finish line in 3:31, an 1:15 faster than my first marathon, was surreal. And like any relationship, we’ve had our low points as well. After the pure bliss of finally qualifying for Boston 2012, I had to bow out of the race because I had literally run my foot into the ground from overtraining. I was diagnosed with a stress fracture, in a boot and benched for 14 weeks. I was in tears and I was heartbroken.

But like anything that is a part of your life, it’s not the highs and lows that matter. It’s the comfort of the everyday and the support it brings to you that makes the difference. And that’s why, after 15 years, dozens of finish lines, many tears of joy and pain, I still lace up my shoes and “go run” several times a week and have found myself addicted to running. It’s what keeps me going. It’s just part of who I am.

I run for health.

I run for sanity.

I run for strength.

And when I say strength, I don’t mean in the traditional/physical sense of the word. I won’t lie, lean runner legs are pretty awesome. But it’s the mental strength that comes from the satisfaction of pushing yourself so hard. Becoming a better runner is not easy and no one can do it for you. You push yourself during mid-week training so hard that you almost want to throw up. It sounds gross, but it’s so satisfying when it’s done. I’ve run through blister pain that felt like searing knives in my feet to finish races. I’ve been up at 4:30 am to get in a 20 mile run before work. These are the things that make me strong. And as an independent woman, knowing the depth of your strength is a bit more valuable in the long run than the lean legs – ha ha

Sketchers’ Fight Against Breast Cancer

Skechers Performance is joining American Cancer Society in the fight to end breast cancer because the Society is doing the most for people with breast cancer today to end the disease tomorrow. As a part of their efforts, they have created the Awareness line of shoes and apparel  to celebrate those who use sports and fitness to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the development of the limited edition Awareness line:

  • Skechers is launching a register round-up program in Skechers Retail stores in which customers can round up their purchase to the nearest whole dollar to benefit American Cancer Society for the entire month of October.
  • If you donate $5 or more in a retail store, you will also receive a 20% off discount for your next visit. Thank you, thank you.
  • Skechers Retail stores are also offering a gift with purchase for customers who purchase a pair of limited-edition Awareness shoes. The gift with purchase will be either a breast canvas awareness canvas tote back or a pink water bottle.
  • Skechers is hosting the American Cancer Society San Francisco Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, and will be donating a percentage of proceeds from the sales of Skechers shoes on-site that day.

Pink Ribbon Shoe

A little about this cute pink ribbon shoe, the Awareness, Skechers GOrun 3

  • Designed for speed with innovative performance M-Strike Technology™  to promote a midfoot strike.
  • 4mm Heel Drop to bring you closer to a natural barefoot experience while offering cushioning and impact protection.
  • Improved breathability and flexibility with custom fit, removable insole  for an even more minimal feel.
  • Roomy forefoot. 3 layer Power-prene mesh on front panel allows for support while offering ample room for toe splay.
  • GOimpulse sensors offer flexibility and feedback for a responsive running experience.
  • Resalyte™ Midsole – Proprietary lightweight injection-molded compound with memory retention helps absorb impact.

Note: they do run a little big. I’m a size 6.5-7 in normal shoes and I always get my running shoes in size 7.5. I wish I had gotten these in a size 7. Just FYI.

With my post today, I encourage you to:

  1. Run! It’s fun and makes you stronger.
  2. Check out the Skechers GOrun 3, it’s pretty cool.
  3. Join Sketchers and their efforts to support the American Cancer Society in this cause.

All that said, why do you run and who will you run for?


pink ribbon shoes

*While this post is sponsored by Sketches, all thoughts and opinions are always original and honest.

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  • Jill Will Run

    I’ve been benched and stuck in a boot before… it’s no fun. But you’re right, running becomes part of who you are.

    • teresamarierun

      Hi Jill! I certainly think there is a special bond between those of us how love to run and have been benched by “the boot!” But the day I could run again, even though I had to start at 7min, I was so happy I knew for sure I was a real “runner.” So there is always a silver lining 😉 Happy to be connected here!

  • Trish @infinebalance

    I didn’t start running until my late 30s… and most days I have a hard time calling myself a “runner” But I run every week, sometimes 5 times, sometimes just once. I’ve completed 2 half marathons and a bunch of 5ks. I’m not fast.
    I run because my kids think it’s really cool. I run to buy new shoes. And to stay fit.
    I run for the dog. I run for my health, my heart and because there is nothing better than an hour to myself on a Saturday morning with my ipod.

    • Teresa

      Honestly Trish, that sounded like a poem. I was inspired reading it. Thank you for sharing. We all have our own reasons why we lace up each day (or week, or whatever) and I love to hear others’ reasons for running. Thank you so much for sharing this! May your running shoes take you many happy places!

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