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Beach Friendly Workout Routine

If you find yourself making excuses for not exercising when you’re on the road, here’s your antidote: an excuse free and travel friendly workout  routine!

Until recently, I traveled for a living. A lot! I flew nearly 1 million miles on American and maintained executive platinum and diamond statuses. I was out of my element every other week for 6 years. Sound exhausting and fattening, right? Wrong! I achieved my highest level of fitness in my life during this time. Before I traveled, my marathon PR was 4:15 and I averaged 4:30. During my traveling years I PRed at 3:29 and average 3:35. Through dedication, prioritization, organization, research and planning — you really have no excuse. There is an infinate amount of workout routines you can do anywhere with very little equipment – even on the road.

I see this as a series of posts, mostly becuause there is a lot to this lifestyle. I have an entire arsenal of diet and nutrition tips as well.

But we’re going to start here with one really easy excuse free workout routine. I got the inspiration for this post based on my most recent trip with friends to Playa Del Carmen for an amazing wedding. See this picture below? To many it looks like paradise. You know what else it is? Nature’s most beautiful gym!

Playa del Carmen - Nature's gym

How did myself and 3 great friends spend 60 minutes on the beach working out with bootcamp level of intensity? Easy! Our workout routine looked something like this:

  1. I woke up late with a mild hangover.
  2. Instead of putting my bikini to head out to meet the group, I put on exercise clothes. I was not entirely convinced I was up for exercise but this at least improved my chances of getting out there.
  3. When I walked into the living room, my friends did in fact look a little shocked. “Are you going to workout?” I explained the rationale behind my attire and Ben says, “I’ll go.”
  4. Great, now I’m committed. So now what? I didn’t really want to go for a traditional run. We had just done a TNT Fusion Bootcamp workout routine the day before. Two other friends decided to join us as well. So here is what we did…

Beach Vacation Workout Routine:

To run the length of visible beach it was 4 min in each direction on the shore. We dropped our water bottles and headed north. We decided that we would each pick one bodyweight exercise and we would do in 1 minute intervals. We’d run back, quick water break (tricky with the heat, safety first — no dehydration!) then head south and repeat a different round of interval work. I had a stop watch so I’d call out 30 seconds, 45 and switch. Each round took about 14 minutes total. You see how this can go on, right?  Here is the quick summary of the workout routine. Print this sucker out and stash it in your suitcase. You never know when you’re going to need it!

  • Round 1:
    • 4 min Run
    • 1 min Push-ups
    • 1 min Lunges
    • 1 min Crunches
    • 1 min Side Plank
    • 4 min run back
    • 1 min water break
  • Round 2:
    • 4 min run
    • 1 min Push-ups
    • 1 min Squats
    • 1 min Reverse crunches
    • 1 min Burpees
    • 4 min run back
    • 1 min water break
  • Round 3:
    • 4 min Run
    • 1 min Push-ups
    • 1 min Ski-lunges
    • 1 min Starbursts (like air born jumping jacks)
    • 1 min Boat Pose Crunches
    • 4 min run back
    • 1 min water break
  • Round 4:
    • 4 min Run
    • 1 min Triceps Push-ups
    • 1 min Jumping Lunges
    • 1 min Bicycle Crunches
    • 1 min Crunches
    • 4 min Run
    • 4 min Cool Down Jog

This workout routine was exactly and hour when we were done. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was too busy almost dying from the breath taking, sand covered, soaking wet, but outrageously fun workout. I loved it because it required no equipment and very little skill. Just the motivation and collaboration from friends to get out the door and keep going.

But because I do know pictures make blogs waaaay more fun, here are some pics of my beautiful friends who joined us in Playa del Carmen last weekend for the wedding of the century and a phenomenal 4-day mini-vacay. Sometimes I think my life isn’t real…

2013-05-09 07.33.42

 Here is a fun pic where you can kind of see our condo. Beautiful!

2013-05-10 02.48.55

Here is Jimmy, he did the TNT Fusion Bootcamp workout with me the day before. 2013-05-11 01.58.43Look at these boys — Ben is in the blue coat and responsible for the beach friendly workout and in essence, this post 🙂

So there you have it. An easy (well, not physically), effective and fun workout for your next beach vacation with friends. What else would you like to hear? Hotel gym workouts? Eating healthy on the road? More body weight exercises you can do in hotel room? Killer running routines?

Happy Trails!

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